Thursday, February 5, 2009

My favourite songs

Today I just had an idea to share my top 5 favorite songs so here they are:

5 Jonas Brothers: S.O.S

4 Scooter: Jumping all over the World

3 The Ting Tings: Thats not my Name

2 McFly: One for the Radio

and at first place my favorite song

1 Pink: So What :)

and you are now listening to it.


  1. Good choice of songs.

    P.S. especially song no. 1 :-) !!

  2. Am I really OLD? because I don't know any of them!!! I only know the songs my son listen too but he's nearly 22!! from an very old woman called Judyx

  3. Aaarrgh! What is that terrible noise?? Bring back the haka