Monday, January 26, 2009


Tomorrow I am going to be 10 :-) and I am going to be the first person to become 10 while living in this house.

As a treat for my birthday, mum is taking me to see the Ulster team who won the European Cup 10 years ago (see last post) play a special match on Thursday. My all time favourite rugby hero David Humphreys will be playing!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The match

Yesterday me and mum, Jill and Wils all went to watch Ulster V Harlequins at Ravenhill. The good thing was Ulster won, the bad thing was we got soaked like we had gone into a swimming pool with all our clothes on! But we were lucky that we didn't get evacuated like one of the other stands was because the Eventsec people thought it was going to collapse.

It was so cold that at the end of the match the players had to wear survival blankets to warm up.

I have been going to Ulster matches since I was about 4 years old. The first rugby match I watched was the 30/1/99 three days after I was born which was the final of the Heineken cup and Ulster won. I have had a season ticket for nearly 6 years.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Newtownbreda Gospel Hall

Yesterday I went to Newtownbreda Gospel Hall on a school trip to see a bible exhibition and when we were going round we had to write in the answers to a quiz.

There were lots of display boards showing you all about the bible, like what languages it was originally printed in (Greek and Jewish) and the lost Dead Sea scrolls and the story of Mary Jones who walked 50 miles to buy a bible.

We also got to read the bible in Jewish and Greek and it didn't make any sense to me. At my church I got a book about the bible and you read a page every night and when you read one you learn about a verse.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Radio

Today I had an idea that I could start a radio station and it is called 'The Michael Cardwell Cardwell radio Station'.

My show was from about 11 o'clock until 2:15pm but there was a break in the middle when we had to go to Tescos and then had our lunch. My sister's show is from 2:15pm until 2:40pm.

Originally I had another radio show were I used walkie talkies, but I gave up because I had to keep the button pushed in all the time and it really hurt my thumb. When I went to dad and told him I was going to start a radio station he gave us a proper mixing desk like they use in radio stations.

It's a bit annoying staying in my room for the whole time because we forgot to open the window so it was very stuffy in there.

We have been playing music like McFly, Jonas Brothers, Mika, Abba, Busted and lots more. We had a compettion and mum won it.

Hope you all had a Happy New Year!