Sunday, January 18, 2009

The match

Yesterday me and mum, Jill and Wils all went to watch Ulster V Harlequins at Ravenhill. The good thing was Ulster won, the bad thing was we got soaked like we had gone into a swimming pool with all our clothes on! But we were lucky that we didn't get evacuated like one of the other stands was because the Eventsec people thought it was going to collapse.

It was so cold that at the end of the match the players had to wear survival blankets to warm up.

I have been going to Ulster matches since I was about 4 years old. The first rugby match I watched was the 30/1/99 three days after I was born which was the final of the Heineken cup and Ulster won. I have had a season ticket for nearly 6 years.


  1. survival blankets wow I hope someone made them nice hot cup of tea too? Sorry that you got so wet but I'm sure you had fun. Judyx

  2. That is a brilliant way to describe how wet we were! Like we had gone into a swimming pool with all our clothes on. Well done :-)

  3. You didn't mention Gran's hot towels and warm drinks when you came home - I hope that helped too!

  4. Great post Michael! Your gran's hot towels were brilliant too... though I wish I'd had a camera for the sight of you sheltering under the blanket and popping out every now and then to cheer for Ulster! Boy was it cold.