Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Radio

Today I had an idea that I could start a radio station and it is called 'The Michael Cardwell Cardwell radio Station'.

My show was from about 11 o'clock until 2:15pm but there was a break in the middle when we had to go to Tescos and then had our lunch. My sister's show is from 2:15pm until 2:40pm.

Originally I had another radio show were I used walkie talkies, but I gave up because I had to keep the button pushed in all the time and it really hurt my thumb. When I went to dad and told him I was going to start a radio station he gave us a proper mixing desk like they use in radio stations.

It's a bit annoying staying in my room for the whole time because we forgot to open the window so it was very stuffy in there.

We have been playing music like McFly, Jonas Brothers, Mika, Abba, Busted and lots more. We had a compettion and mum won it.

Hope you all had a Happy New Year!


  1. Radio show now that's a brilliant idea you could use your initials and call it The MCC show. Maybe you could get your mum or dad to phone up the local radio station and see if you can go and have alook around? they might even let you have ago!! take care, Judy

  2. Great idea from Judith! Love the name she's suggesting.(Or you could just ask one of your mum and dad's chums and when she gets back to work in a couple of weeks time, you could pop in for a nosey?!!!!)

  3. Dear Wils do you work on a Saturday? Because if you do I might be able to go in but if you dont maybe mum could take me in on Friday after school.

  4. I wonder if you will get paid a big salary!!

  5. Michael, As soon as I get back to work, we'll sort something out with your mum! And tell nanny Anon that if you get a big salary, I'd like share of it (and I'd like to know how you get it!!!!)