Monday, December 15, 2008


The Haka is a war dance performed by the All Blacks, also known as the New Zealand rugby team. You can hear the haka being shouted in my music. Only the rugby teams from the South Sea Islands have a haka, and all the islands have different versions.

There is a haka that has been banned because they pretend to cut their throats with knives. They don't do it any more because some people in rugby thought it was too violent.

I've never seen a haka done live. I almost saw it live at the Under 19 Rugby World Cup in Dubai, when Ireland were playing Western Samoa, but we arrived at the match late because of traffic and missed it :-(

It doesn't matter if New Zealand are playing home or away, the reaction to the haka is incredible.


  1. hi Michael... I love the haka too... but my favourite was the first time I saw the Irish team walk towards the NZ players during it... very slowly and very menacingly... (is that a word!?) It was soooo cool.

    love the blog! Keep it up boy!

  2. Thankyou Wils for visiting my blog. My mum told me about that but I missed it, I looked for it on youtube but it wasnt there :(

  3. The haka sounds a bit frightening!!!! I wouldn't want anyone coming to me chanting like that lol

    What are you going to do whilst your mum and Dolly are in Paris?

  4. I dont know what my dad and I are going to do when mum and Jill are in Paris. And they are coming back two days before my birthday!!!

  5. Do you wish you were going to paris? Or are you happy for your sister to be away.

  6. I LOVE your song. I think it is soooooooooooo cool.

  7. No I don't wish I was going to Paris Graciedoug because I have been there twice, so it's nice Jill gets to go a second time.

    So is yours Dolly.