Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Slammy Awards

The Slammy Awards are awards given out in WWE (Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment). Some of the slammys given out this year were:

Best tag team of the year:John Morrison & the Miz

Favourite match of the year: Shawn Michaels v Ric Flaire (career threatening match)

Favourite superstar of the year: Chris Jericho

I have been to see WWE once when they came to the Belfast Odyssey arena. I went with my dad and I loved it :) My dad thought it was a good show but he said it was kind of an act. He knew it was all put on, and so did I.

I saw my favourite wrestlers like Rey Misterio, Shawn Michaels and Batista.


  1. I like Shawn Michaels and Batista as well. I like Jessie and Festus. I don't like Ric Flaire and I kind of like Chris Jericho.